Below are pets currently available at KCHS. Our adoption fee for dogs and puppies includes spay/neuter, all current vaccinations and microchip. If you would like to make an appointment to view or meet one of our pets, please contact us or fill out the adoption application for either a dog or cat that you are interested in.

Cats & Kittens!! We have KITTENS and cats for adoption See pictures and info on our Facebook Page.  All our cats and kittens are spayed and neutered before adoption,  FIV/FELV tested and kittens have their first vaccination.  Kittens are $40.  We don't charged anything for adult cats but we do accept free-wiil donations whcih helps us to keep our adoption program going.  Please contact us for more information or fill out our cat adoption application. These cuties need fur-ever homes. 
OMG!  Cuteness overload!!  Cricket (Beagle/Aussie mix)  is 8lbs (and growing) of adorableness with gorgeous blue eyes.  She will have no trouble keeping up with your active family.  Her Mom was a 39 lbs beagle mix and Cricket was the smallest of the litter so she will probably be a medium size adult.  Right now she's like the energizer bunny in a puppy suit.  You gotta adopt her soon so you can start sharing those fabulous puppy pictures!  $200 - your friends will be so jealous.
Dear Mom and Dad
Just want to let you know that I can't wait to meet you.  I miss being with a family so I'm hoping you adopt me soon.  I love playing ball so if you have a couple of tennis balls that would be so cool.  And kids...I love kids too. I'm just a kid myself....only about 1 year old.   The staff says I'm neutered....I don't know what that means but you probably do.I weighed 52 lbs but I'm full grown so what you see is what you get.
Your soon to be loving son,
ADOPTION PENDING - No wonder those babies are so beautiful (see Everly, Duff and Axel)....they take after their Mom.  Sasha is two years old, Chihuahua, about 10 lbs.  She's been a great mom to her pups, but now that the little ones are gone, she hopes to spend her days sitting in someone's lap, sipping margaritas and watching funny animal videos.  You go girl!  Her adoption fee is $150 and she spayed. Good with cats too.
CASSIE is our "Spirit Dog".  In the midst of chaos and disorder she shows us how to be peaceful and calm.  That sense of peace seems to come with age.  Cassie is between 8 and 9 yrs old, but she's beginning a new phase of her life now and finds contentment in the small things....a gentle touch, soft words, hugs, walks....she can teach us a lot if we just listen.  She's very friendly and affectionate, likes sitting in laps, an easy keeper.  About 40 lbs, she's an Aussie with beautiful blue eyes.  Her skin is still recovering from years of neglect but her beautiful Aussie coat is growing back and Cassie is looking better every day.  Her adoption fee is $150.
PATCHES - friendly and well mannered, this 5 year old female is looking for a new home.  She walks well on the leash and is eager to learn.  She gets along well with other dogs and cats and seems to have had some housetraining.  She's afraid of thunderstorms so she needs someone who will help her work through her fears, but who can blame her considering the weather we've had in Kansas lately! She's probably not a good choice for a storm chaser but she's a great family dog.
ST. Jerome is a very loving and gentle pit bull who is deaf.  He's about 5 years old and 70 lbs.  His owner needs to re-home him for SJ's own safety because he doesn't get along with one of his other 2 pits.  He has visited several asssisted living facilities and has been a joy to the residents.  It is highly preferable that he be in a home with no other dogs.  Its not know how is reacts tocats.  He is good with all children altho its better if he's with children over the age of 5 to 6.
   This guy has it all!  He's tall, dark and handsome!  1 1/2 years old, about 55 lbs.  Tucker knows more Opera songs than Placido Domingo.  Super friendly and loves the great outdoors. Adoption fee is $150, includes neuter, vacs and microchip. 
Life is full of choices and I guess I'm just not that good at it because the last human I chose just didn't work out too well.  Never home...didn't seem to have time for me.  I don't require a whole lot.  I know you probably have to work but I won't mind waiting until you get home.  I can hang out in the yard just as long as I have some shelter from the sun and maybe a warm dog house in the winter.  I can hang out in the house too as long as I get to go outside a few times.  I'm 5.5 x 55 ( 5 1/2 years old and 55 lbs ) so I'm not some crazy puppy that will drive you nuts.  I'm just looking for a nice rescue.  If you rescue me, I'll rescue you....
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