Below are pets currently available at KCHS. Our adoption fee for dogs and puppies includes spay/neuter, all current vaccinations and microchip. If you would like to make an appointment to view or meet one of our pets, please contact us or fill out the adoption application for either a dog or cat that you are interested in.

Cats & Kittens!! We have KITTENS and cats for adoption See pictures and info on our Facebook Page.. All of our cats and kittens are spayed and neutered before adoption and kittens have their first vaccination. We don't charged anything for cats or kittens but we do accept free-wiil donations whcih helps us to keep our adoption program going.  Please contact us for more information or fill out our cat adoption application. These cuties need fur-ever homes. 
Before/After pictture of little Andre`. What a difference!  Thank you Allissa from "At the Groomers" for the amazing Makeover!  Andre is 14 but don't tell him that - he thinks he's still a puppy.  If you're looking for a little snuggle buddy, he's the one.  He's just 10.6 lbs and is definitely a house dog.  
Look into my are getting very drowsy...repeat after me....I want NIKKI....I love NIKKI...I must have NIKKI!  At the count of two, you will immediately drop everything and click on the Dog Adoption Application button and submit an application for NIKKI.  'm 3 months old, Husky, blue eyes to die for and wicked cute!  My adoption fee is $200 (way too cheap!).  So what are you waiting for?  One....two....
PATCHES - friendly and well mannered, this 5 year old female is looking for a new home.  She walks well on the leash and is eager to learn.  She gets along well with other dogs and cats and seems to have had some housetraining.  She's afraid of thunderstorms so she needs someone who will help her work through her fears, but who can blame her considering the weather we've had in Kansas lately! She's probably not a good choice for a storm chaser but she's a great family dog.
Looking for a crazy, happy, fun loving puppy?  Then meet LOLA.  she's looking for a crazy, happy, funloving family!  She's an American Bulldog, about 3 to 4 months old and about 38 lbs.  Now is a great time to get her enrolled in Puppy Obediance.  Her adoption fee is $200 which includes spay, current vaccinations and microchip.  And oodles of puppy kisses!  
ATTENTION ALL LABAHOLICS!  If cute and fluffy is not your thing, then how about cute, fluffy and big?  McFaddy is a 112 lb Lab mix, only about 3 yrs old, housetrained and move in ready.  He loves to ride in the truck, loads like a dream, very chill, not interested in cats and minds adults well.  He's not perfect though...he's not used to small children so that's a no-no and he doesn't tolerate other dogs too well (he's definitely an Alpha male).  If you live in a rural area, he's a great "free range" dog.  
Cinnamon can brighten a room with her smile!  She'sa lab mix, just 44#, about 2 years old.  Friendly and playful.  Can't you just picture this pup zipping around an agility course or jogging along side of you encouraging you to go just a little bit further, or sipping margaritas with you on the deck at sunset (that's my dream dog!).  
People Pleasin "Spanky" is 76 lbs and "chill" to the bone.  Walks great on a leash.  Hanging out is his favorite past time.  Lab/pit mix, about 1 year old,  Adoption fee is just $150.  Comes fully assembled, neutered, current on vacinnations and microchipped.
Life is full of choices and I guess I'm just not that good at it because the last human I chose just didn't work out too well.  Never home...didn't seem to have time for me.  I don't require a whole lot.  I know you probably have to work but I won't mind waiting until you get home.  I can hang out in the yard just as long as I have some shelter from the sun and maybe a warm dog house in the winter.  I can hang out in the house too as long as I get to go outside a few times.  I'm 5.5 x 55 ( 5 1/2 years old and 55 lbs ) so I'm not some crazy puppy that will drive you nuts.  I'm just looking for a nice rescue.  If you rescue me, I'll rescue you....
ADOPTION PENDING! 5 year old GATOR is an all-around American Sports Dog.  Loves anything that involves sports and having fun!  Chasing balls, chasing squirrels, chasing birds, chasing rabbits.  Let's get out and have some fun!  Wanna go to the lake?  Lets go!  Later we can come home and crash on the sofa together.  Life with a dog is the best! Adoption fee $150
ADOPTED!  Obviously I'm a little bit older tthan some of these younger pups but growing old is not a bad thing.  I've always heard that a little "dusting" of snow on the mountain top just means you're wiser, not older. If you want a good, laid back, easy going kinda dog, then I'm your girl. I'm about 9 to 10 yrs old but I'm not going anywhere soon and we still have plenty of time to get to know each other. I'm a good protector and a watch dog.  Oh, and I don't like cats so lets not even go there.  I'll do ok outdoors if you just give me some shelter from the heat and cold. Come by and see me.  Tell them DAISY sent you. 

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