Below are pets currently available at KCHS. Our adoption fee for dogs and puppies includes spay/neuter, all current vaccinations and microchip. If you would like to make an appointment to view or meet one of our pets, please contact us or fill out the adoption application for either a dog or cat that you are interested in.

Cats & Kittens!! We have KITTENS and cats for adoption See pictures and info on our Facebook Page.  All our cats and kittens are spayed and neutered before adoption,  FIV/FELV tested and kittens have their first vaccination.  Kittens are $40.  We don't charged anything for adult cats but we do accept free-wiil donations whcih helps us to keep our adoption program going.  Please contact us for more information or fill out our cat adoption application. These cuties need fur-ever homes. 
This spunky little dog definitely has a zest for life!  When we saw Mitzy, she was just skin and bones.But she's already put on several pounds and her sweet puppy personality is shining through.  She's less than one year old, 25 lbs and gaining weight but will likely be a medium size adult.  Kinda looks like an Italian Greyhound.  She's cute as a bug's butt with those floppy little ears.  Her adoption fee is only $150 so we won't be around for very long!
Well hello handsome!  What a gorgeous Aussie you are.  1 year old, male, 40 lbs, smart, playful, loves toys.  Walks great on the leash and very friendly.  See Blu's picture in our Currently Available Photo Album on Facebook.  
If you love Big Dogs, Spud is your boy!  He's 70.5# of pure muscle but surprisingly well behaved and smart to boot!  Quick to learn, he seems to have some housetraining already.  Pit, Lab mix - very friendly, he's been doing very well with his leash training.  Loves other dogs!
Like the Big Dogs?  Try  LUNA on for size.  She's only about 7 to 8 months old and already 61 lbs.  Or if that's not quite big enough, take at look at her brother Thor.  This growing girl is Mastiff-Catahoula mix.  She's still a little timid but is coming out of her shell and learning all kinds of new things!   
RINGO is a sweet, gentle 105 lbs pound Great Pyrenes but he's gotten himself into a bit of trouble.  Somewhere along the way got "herding" and "chasing" confused and he seems to like chasing best and that's his problem.  He chases horses, he chases goats, he chases cats and he chases cars.  Not good, Ringo!  I don't know if he chases sheep, but it wouldn't surprise me.  So here he is and he's not happy at all.  He's been an outdoor dog all of his life (2 years) - he says he's sorry and promises to change if her gets another chance but he probably needs a fenced yard so he doesn't accidentally catch one of those cars.  Or if you live on an island with no horses, goats, cats, llamas or other 4 legged critters he would be perfect for you!  He gets along with other dogs and is a great dog for a family.  He needs some cheering up because he just mopes around in his kennel.  Help us find him a new home soon!  Meanwhile, check out our Valentine Event on our Facebook Page and send Ringo a Valentine!
Are you tired of answering a bunch of personal questions and then waiting for some computer to find your perfect soulmate?  Well maybe you've been looking for love in all the wrong places.  You need to meet ATLAS.  With this guy, what you see is what you get.  He's handsome, playful, loyal, smart and will love you no matter what kind of music you like.  He'll never ask you to change the TV channel.  He'll watch football, romance, reality, Sponge Bob, doesn't care what kind of car you drive or how much money you make just so long as he can be with you!  55 lbs, about 2 years old.  Not recommended for small kids because of his size and activity level but otherwise he's very friendly.
WILBUR is ready for whatever you like to do.  This guy is such a "softie".  He has a few scars and scratches so he probably didn't come from the best background but he's ready to put all that behind him and prove what a Lover he can be.  Wilbur is a Bulldog, Heeler mix, medium size, 39.2 lbs and 2 years old.  He's very sweet, soft and gentle, should be suitable for kids.  WE LOVE WILBUR.  See his full picture on our Facebook page.
ST. Jerome is a very loving and gentle pit bull who is deaf.  He's about 5 years old and 70 lbs.  His owner needs to re-home him for SJ's own safety because he doesn't get along with one of his other 2 pits.  He has visited several asssisted living facilities and has been a joy to the residents.  It is highly preferable that he be in a home with no other dogs.  Its not know how is reacts tocats.  He is good with all children altho its better if he's with children over the age of 5 to 6.

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