You can complete and submit an adoption application on-line by clicking on the Adoption Application tab on the right side of any  page.  Or you can click on this link to download an  Adoption Application.  Email the completed applicationto:

We will do our best to respond within 24 hours.



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 We currently have a small number of cats and kittens available for adoption please contact us if you would like to give one of these sweet furry friends a forever home!
Adoption Pending: Bonnie is only about a year old and less than 30 lbs. She has already earned her degree from Obedience School and is ready for the next step in her life. She's very social and friendly and has been doing very well on her housetraining. She loves to take walks and go to the dog park. Her bags are packed and she's ready to go...she's just waiting for some loving family to come by and get her ! We are guessing as to breeds - thinking lab/pointer and perhaps a little dachshund due to her size.

She's spayed, has current vaccinations, and is microchipped ! Adoption fee $ 150. Come meet Bonnie and let her wag her way into your heart !
About one year old and 65 lbs, Suzy is kid, grownup and dog friendly but she chases cows and kills cats so cat or cow owners need not apply. She loves the outdoors and would be a good training partner if you're looking to step up your physical activity level. She's a "fit pit" /border collie mix.

I know I'm not perfect....if I was, chances are I wouldn't be here looking for a home.  But I'm a hard worker and a good learner so I'm willing to give it a try if you are!  I'm already learning how to walk on a leash and I'm trying hard not to jump up on people but sometimes I'm just so darned excited to have a visitor that I forget myself.  That's probably the Border Collie part of me.  Plus, I'm only a year old and you know what they say about young can teach a young dog new tricks!  I think cats are scary but I like to play with other dogs.  Stop by and tell me a little about yourself.   I'll bet we'd make a great pair!

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