Happy Endings

If you have adopted from the KCHS and would like to share about your new pet, please feel free to email us.

Pictures of your new pet in his/her new home are welcome! Please send your info to kchs@kingmancountyhumanesociety.org

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Kyrie thinks her new family is just the bestest ever!
Daisy has a new home and will soon be training her new owner for a marathon.  We're rooting for you both!
CHIEF has found a perfect new home with a Veterinarian and her family is adjusting great to his new family.  We'll miss you Chief!
When you're this cute, finding a perfect new family is a breeze!
What a great Christmas surprise for this family and for Ginger too! Merry Christmas!
Scooter's Christmas wish came true!
Nelson is rolling with joy since meeting his new family.  With kids and a dog, it was everything Nelson was hoping for!
It took a while but Tripp finally found his perfect forever home
Beamer has found a new home and is looking forward to becoming a Kansas City Chiefs fan with his Mom and Dad.

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