Happy Endings

If you have adopted from the KCHS and would like to share about your new pet, please feel free to email us.

Pictures of your new pet in his/her new home are welcome! Please send your info to kchs@kingmancountyhumanesociety.org
This just in! Hooray for Peanut! A note from her adoptive Mom:
"Just wanted to send a thank you and let you know how much we apprciate you for saving and uniting us with our Peanut. We adopted her last November(2017), but she has already become one of the gang. Don't know what we'd do without her. Thank you so much for all you do!!!"

We are all thrilled for you and Peanut. Thank you for this wonderful update!
Little Lady! Awww! So excited for this senior girl to get a fresh start in a wonderful new home, with fantastic humans who just want to love and attend to her. Thank you!
Piper's photo is pretty self explanatory, and we are pretty excited that she gets so much exercise and entertainment that this is what she does in her down time. Ha ha ha!
Marge's new family braved the bitter cold to come rescue this pretty girl for her spot in their pack! Way to go Marge!
Iffy is on his way with a fantastic couple to call his own! Hooray for Iffy! 
Shasta has found a wonderful family to go on runs and explore the trails with! 
Abigail has her new family! A sweet girl indeed, we are so pleased for all of them!

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